EXANTE founded by Gatis Eglitis: let’s gain

In simple terms, there’s the following scheme of making money on the stock exchange via a trading terminal. So, the client installs a special program on a computer or a mobile device connected to the broker's site, which, in turn, makes a connection with the stock exchange. When making a decision on the purchase or sale of shares and other assets, the trader automatically sends a transaction request to the broker who fulfills this order. In addition, the broker provides the client with the opportunity to receive information about the auction and other related information.

Playing on the stock exchange with the help of multifunctional trading terminals is available to both experienced and novice investors. The interface of the vast majority of trading terminals is tailored to the needs of the trader. It includes a large number of instruments that enable efficient analysis of trading information. With the help of a trading terminal, trading on the stock exchange is accessible from anywhere in the world. So, you only require access to the Internet and, of course, an open brokerage account.

Key trading strategies to work with the EXANTE brokerage company

The behavior of each trader on the stock exchange is individual. However, there are certain constants, both in human psychology and in the principle of the financial market, which allow traders to define certain patterns of behavior on the stock exchange.

There are many ways to play on the stock exchange. The most dangerous and questionable strategy is to imitate the actions of other traders in the face of uncertainty in the market. Some choose a strategy in the form of a speculation on short-term price changes. Many traders are guided by general market considerations about the possible impact of economic and political news on the financial market and choose the appropriate action plan. There are three key strategies of trading stocks:


That’s the most understandable and easiest way to trade stocks. Well, you have bought shares for a relatively long period (12 months, or even more) and you are waiting for an increase in their value. The main thing here is to buy assets of a reliable company that belongs to the category of “blue chips” (they are the most liquid companies). It is also necessary to analyze quotes for the last 4-5 years and identify the most promising of them.

The advantage of this strategy is that you can insure against losses. If you make a mistake and the quotes of the shares bought by you decrease, you will not lose until you sell the securities. In case of an error, you just need to wait for the stock prices to rise, while receiving dividends on them at that time. The only disadvantage of this method of trading is that you won’t earn much. As a rule, you can count on 10%-30% per annum.


This strategy is the most popular. It promises significantly greater profits than all other strategies. Assets are acquired in this case for a short time, often with the help of margin lending. By choosing an intraday approach, you open and close a deal during the day. In this case, you conduct a transaction within a few days or weeks.

Speculators often short-sell. So, in anticipation of a decline in quotations, traders open short positions. A short trading position is made through the use of borrowed funds of the broker.

This approach is perfect for the futures market. Here you need to purchase a futures contract for sale and then buy a futures contract for purchase and the profit is inevitable.


The essence of this trade with EXANTE started by Alexey Kirienko is to find the difference between assets, somehow connected, and conclude a contract that allows you to get this difference. For example, you bought stocks and futures on them. If the value of shares on the stock market has decreased, but futures on the derivatives market have remained at the same level, you can buy 1,000 shares at $100 and buy one futures contract for the sale of one thousand shares at $110. In this case, a profit of $10 per share is guaranteed, wherever the prices move.

The advantage of arbitrage is the absence of risks. The disadvantages include the complexity of such trade, which requires constant analysis of many markets, the search for price differences, and the ability to conclude several counter contracts at light speed. Moreover, such trading is characterized by average profitability. Even experienced arbitrageurs can count here on average 5%-10% for 3-4 months.

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