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Journey Within Studio will be conducting Pre-natal Yoga and Yoga for Pre-conception starting 2011. Pre-natal Yoga Prenatal Yoga consists of yoga, breathing and meditation practices to encourage stress-free pregnancy, balancing emotion and easing discomfort during pregnancy. At the same time, it is important to cultivate body awareness so that you will feel confident about what’s […]

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Yoga for Butt Legs and Tummy

Posted by admin on 16 Nov 10 - 0 Comments

Journey Within advises that it is starting Yoga for BLT (Butt, Legs & Tummy) this month. It will be held weekly on Thursday night at 8-9pm. And we know how stubborn those areas can be when it comes to toning and firming. Yoga for BLT focuses on postures that will build up core strength (essential […]

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Launching of YogInspired Book

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Keep an eye out for the official book launch of YogInspired by Dr Karen Kow on 16th October. Venue: Eastin Hotel, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Time: 11am-1pm The theme of the event is “Love, Peace and Harmony”. YogInspired is a book inspired by Yoga but written for everyone with the aim of helping people improve their […]

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Yoga for Everyday Ailments

Posted by huihsien on 03 Mar 10 - 9 Comments

They are not anything serious or life threatening, but can be annoying and affect the flow of your daily routine. Read on for some tips on how to relieve and prevent everyday ailments by practising a few simple yoga postures. Common Cold Common Cold [Online image] Available http://exchristian.net/exchristian/2009/12/fighting-off-common-cold.html Since stuffy noses and sinuses are caused […]

Sun Gazing

Posted by huihsien on 05 Feb 10 - 0 Comments

The sun is nature’s greatest gift to us. Without the sun, live on earth could not exist and yet, many of us shy away from it. What if we were told that the sun, in its purest form will be able to provide us with all the nutrition needed and cure physical, emotional and mental […]

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Art of Living Consciously

Posted by huihsien on 09 Nov 09 - 0 Comments

Are you living consciously or unconsciously? How often do we ask ourselves that, or maybe the question never even crossed your mind. When you walk, do you think about the sensations of your feet with each step? When you eat, do you feel the texture and taste of the morsel you are chewing on? Mostly […]

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Yoga and Wrist Pain

Posted by huihsien on 04 Nov 09 - 0 Comments

The fluid and graceful movements of yoga may too quickly result in it being categorised as a low impact workout, hence lower chances of injury. Chronic pain is often dangerously ignored due to the inflated ego of a regular practitioner. In fact, newbies and old timers are both equally vulnerable to yoga-related injuries if safe […]

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Yoga In The Midst of Turmoil

Posted by huihsien on 20 Oct 09 - 4 Comments

The current economic turbulence has affected each of us some way or another. Be it the fear of losing your job, or having already lost your job, or knowing a friend or relative who has already lost his/her job. When faced with such a situation, the negative energy of fear and uncertainty begins to manifest […]

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Yoga for Travellers

Posted by nadia on 29 Sep 09 - 0 Comments

On any given day, travelling itself offers tons of benefits as we are all aware of. We get to meet new people, experience new cultures, pick up a foreign phrase or two – all of which widens our perspective and triggers a deep sense of appreciation of the world. Granted with the right time and […]

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Being a beginner in yoga, I was a little intimidated by the Iyengar Yoga workshop, held at the Ojasyoga centre on 21 June 2009. This was my first experience of Iyengar yoga and learning from an experienced instructor such as Riana, who had trained under B.K.S Iyengar himself. I was afraid I’d be asked to […]

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