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Teacher Profile: Paritosh Sharma (Pari)

Posted by admin on 20 Apr 11 - 3 Comments

Paritosh Sharma is an experienced and certified yoga instructor from Rishikesh, India, also known as the City of Temples, Yoga and Meditation. Pari began his yoga practice under the Himalayan Tradition of Yoga Meditation, studying under the guidance of Swami Veda Bharati, a disciple of Swami Rama. The Himalayan Tradition of Yoga Meditation combines the […]

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Teacher Profile – Azmi Samdjaga

Posted by admin on 17 Mar 11 - 2 Comments
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Louise is a yoga and dance teacher from the UK. She has a background in contemporary dance and graduated in 2005 as a Shiatsu therapist and also qualified in Indian head massage and hot stone therapy. Since starting yoga, she has trained under yoga teachers from around the world, completing her own teacher training in […]

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Karen Kow

Posted by admin on 15 Jul 10 - 3 Comments

Karen has worked in the corporate environment and also in a clinical setting as a psychologist in Kuala Lumpur. She is also an aspiring author with her first book to be published in August 2010. As a psychologist, she has borne witness to the constant dissatisfaction in the lives of the rich, successful and famous. […]

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Jason Isaac Collar

Posted by admin on 10 Jun 10 - 3 Comments

When KL-based yoga teacher Jason Isaac Collar was to try a yoga class for a bad back, he could never have anticipated the journey that followed. Jason tells his story: “I had suffered from lower back pain for many years due to a birth defect called Spina Bifida. Spina Bifida, which literally means ‘cleft spine’ […]

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Mohanan Aringadamadam

Posted by admin on 26 Apr 10 - 5 Comments

Mohanan Aringadamadam is a yoga teacher/instructor in India, having taught yoga to people of all walks of life in India, China, South Korea, Thailand and Malaysia. He is currently looking for opportunities to offer classes and workshops for Fitness Centers, Yoga Centers, Spa, Hotel, and Corporate Offices in Malaysia.

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Hanim Ariffin

Posted by admin on 06 Apr 10 - 1 Comment

Hanim Ariffin works as a freelance yoga teacher. She teaches at Havana Estudio, TTDI, and at banks in KL, conducting private classes for a few VIP clients who are just too busy to get themselves to classes or those who prefer the comfort of their home. Hanim practiced under experienced Iyengar Teachers namely Karin O’Bannon […]

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Hui of yogahui

Posted by huihsien on 26 Feb 10 - 2 Comments

For as long as she can remember, Hui had always maintained an active lifestyle and held an insatiable interest in esoteric knowledge. She attended her first yoga class with her mother when she was 22 but little did she know that this ancient art of physical and spiritual practice would play such an influential part […]

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Sanjit Kaur

Posted by huihsien on 23 Dec 09 - 1 Comment

Youthful and radiant looking, Sanjit moves vibrantly and effortlessly through asanas in a (deceivingly) relaxed manner and at the end of it still manages to keep her hair and makeup perfectly intact. The ease and grace at which she moves trace all the way back to childhood when she became exposed to various types of […]

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Shobie Malani

Posted by huihsien on 10 Dec 09 - 2 Comments

Shobie studied under the guidance of Master Mani Sekaran of the Malaysian Yoga Society and is a recognised and certified Kids Yoga Instructor. Having an encouraging father who has been actively practising Yoga for more than 50 years also added an inspirational boost in Shobie’s Yoga journey. Her love for bringing out the creativity in […]

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