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Yoga & Dance School for Sale

Posted by admin on 09 Oct 10 - 2 Comments

Ever wanted to have your own Yoga studio but but don’t want to go through the hassle of renovation and set-up cost? There is now an opportunity for you to acquire a studio in Lucky Garden, Bangsar. All lock-stock and barrel RM70k, beautifully renovated. Call Shobie on 016-661 0262 if interested.

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Save the turtles Yoga retreat

Posted by admin on 01 Sep 10 - 0 Comments
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Yoga Nidra Course at Inner Yoga

Posted by admin on 16 May 10 - 0 Comments

For aspiring teachers and yoga practitioners from all traditions This course takes place twice during May and June and is targeted to aspiring teachers and yoga practitioners from all traditions. It is for yoga therapists, healers, psychotherapists, yoga / pilates teachers and others who seek a deeper understanding of Yoga Nidra.

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A Crash Course in Anusara at Uni Yoga

Posted by huihsien on 12 Jan 10 - 4 Comments

No flashy banners, no fancy website and no gaudy signboards. KLYoga decides to sneak a peek at a small independent studio called Uni Yoga, which is well known among the yoga community of Klang Valley. We met up with the owner, Foo Jong Hau for a friendly chat at his studio. How did your relationship […]

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The Dance City: Where Art Meets Health

Posted by huihsien on 21 Dec 09 - 3 Comments

Artistic expression and health go hand in hand at The Dance City, an academy on a mission to introduce exercise as a living art form, and not merely a monotonous series of movements. Despite being based half way around the world, Joey Liew, the Principal and Artistic Director of Dance City manages to take some […]

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Purple Yogis in Bangsar

Posted by huihsien on 05 Dec 09 - 16 Comments

Inconspicuously tucked away in a corner lot at Lucky Garden, Bangsar is an unexpected little find bearing a name that immediately screams fun and creativity with a hint of difference. How can anyone forget an intriguing name such as ‘Purple Yogis’. That was the reason KL Yoga decided to find out about what this curious […]

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Chayo Cafe & Studio

Posted by huihsien on 02 Nov 09 - 3 Comments

Recently, KL Yoga managed to speak with the proud owners of Chayo, a premier boutique yoga studio and cafe located in Kelana Jaya. In this interview, American born Guru Jaswant Kaur Khalsa, together with her Singaporean husband, Rajveer Singh passionately share with us their journey and vision. Dynamic Duo: The charismatic Rajveer Singh and the […]

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Oriental TCM Yoga Centre in Puchong offers a unique form of yoga – a combination of Ashtanga yoga and the art of acupressure. From her youthful appearance, one would not expect that Jenny Pang, the owner and master instructor of the comfortable yoga centre, has more than a decade of in-depth knowledge of both yoga […]

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Yoga, Dance & Martial Arts at Sim Yoga

Posted by jean on 30 Jul 09 - 27 Comments

Sim Yoga & Health, located at Taman Segar Perdana, Cheras, started last year under the partnership of Jestine Yap and Kian Yap. The centre offers a wide range classes from yoga to martial arts and dance, including interesting variations of yoga such as Lift Yoga, Family Yoga, Kids Yoga and Man Yoga. Jestine Yap, a […]

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The Elegance of Energy Yoga

Posted by jean on 13 Jul 09 - 1 Comment

Michael Lee, CEO of TSM Wellness Sdn Bhd, provides insights into Energy Yoga, the company’s newly opened chain of yoga and spa centres, that offers impressive facilities, service and a team of highly experienced instructors. The yoga centres, located in Plaza Damas, Kepong and Plaza Cheras, which were formerly owned by Yoga Zone and Urban […]

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