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Yoga for Beautiful & Healthy Hair

Posted by huihsien on 12 Apr 10 - 0 Comments

With alternative medicine and therapies gaining more positive exposure, chemical-packed pills and invasive methods of treatment are increasingly being questioned. Armed with better knowledge and information, individuals look for natural remedies that are less expensive and are free from harmful side effects. Yoga is an integrated holistic practice that not only keeps us physically healthy, […]

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Sun Gazing

Posted by huihsien on 05 Feb 10 - 0 Comments

The sun is nature’s greatest gift to us. Without the sun, live on earth could not exist and yet, many of us shy away from it. What if we were told that the sun, in its purest form will be able to provide us with all the nutrition needed and cure physical, emotional and mental […]

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Beyond the Sweat Factor

Posted by huihsien on 16 Dec 09 - 0 Comments

There is no shortage of yoga classes offered all around Malaysia, be it a busy city like Kuala Lumpur or a laid back setting like Kelantan. Just fifteen years ago, ask any Malaysian you see and most of them would associate the practice of yoga to a kind of contortionist act performed only by bearded […]

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Yoga to Relieve Tension

Posted by admin on 12 Mar 09 - 4 Comments

Are you always feeling tension? Unrealistic datelines at work, stress from your husband, wife, kids etc… read this nice poem for some relief: The Moment you are in Tension You will lose your Attention Then you are in total Confusion And you will feel Irritation Then you will spoil personal Relation Ultimately, you won’t get […]

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Different Ways to Learn Yoga

Posted by admin on 24 Nov 08 - 1 Comment

Ill health and the stress are unavoidable problems. How to maintain good health is always a favorite topic for many. Yoga is one option that can give you a boost both physically and meantally. But what is the best way to learn yoga? Let’s look at the pros and cons of some of the options. […]

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Benefits of Yoga

Posted by admin on 11 Nov 08 - 6 Comments

Nowadays, any matter concerning healthy lifestyle has become a norm in everyday conversations, in any age groups and in all kinds of communities. The only concern is how is one going to achieve that? The food we consumed everyday and our daily physical exercises are important to determine whether we are pursuing a healthy lifestyle […]

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Cancer Research Info

Posted by admin on 21 Oct 08 - 3 Comments

From John Hopkins University Cancer Research Center 1. Every person has cancer cells in the body. These cancer cells do not show up in the standard tests until they have multiplied to a few billion. When doctors tell cancer patients that there are no more cancer cells in their bodies after treatment, it just means […]

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Yoga v Gym

Posted by admin on 02 Oct 08 - 3 Comments

So what does Yoga have to offer that the fully-equipped Gym does not have? It really depends on your personality and what you are comfortable with. I came across an article in The Star yesterday titled “Fitting the Right Gym”. Quoting Mark Davis of Triyoga: “If you want washboard abs and the ability to bench […]

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Yoga vs Reading

Posted by admin on 26 Jan 08 - 0 Comments

Everyone seems to be raving about yoga. From celebrities such as Sting, to office workers, councilors, and housewives, yoga is one of the most popular forms of exercise as well as way to relax and de-stress. So why are so many people claiming that yoga has helped them chill out like no other form of […]

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Age and Flexibility – Can Yoga Help?

Posted by admin on 17 Nov 07 - 3 Comments

How Aging Affects Flexibility Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape. ~Author Unknown I have often wondered if we keep practicing yoga, will we be able to maintain or improve our flexibility as we age? So I decided to do some quick research on the web, and generally the […]

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