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Yoga for Everyday Ailments

Posted by huihsien on 03 Mar 10 - 9 Comments

They are not anything serious or life threatening, but can be annoying and affect the flow of your daily routine. Read on for some tips on how to relieve and prevent everyday ailments by practising a few simple yoga postures. Common Cold Common Cold [Online image] Available http://exchristian.net/exchristian/2009/12/fighting-off-common-cold.html Since stuffy noses and sinuses are caused […]

Living with Lactose Intolerance

Posted by rima on 16 Nov 09 - 3 Comments

Do you feel bloated or suffer from diarrhoea along with abdominal cramps after downing a glass of milk or eating dairy products? Do you experience nausea or flatulence? While there may be a myriad of possible factors that produce the above signs and symptoms, one that is often overlooked is lactose intolerance. The most common […]

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Cancer-causing Foods to Avoid

Posted by rima on 05 Oct 09 - 1 Comment

Malignant tumour or cancer as it is widely known is the dreaded word that often is associated with imminent, painful death. Uncontrollable growths of cells which then invade other healthy cells make this disease life threatening. There are some things that we can avoid to protect ourselves from this deadly disease. One of the keys […]

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How to Keep Your Brain Alive

Posted by rima on 14 Sep 09 - 0 Comments

With up to 1 trillion nerve cells, the human brain is responsible to perform a plethora of functions to coordinate physical action with mental processes. Given the complexity and importance of the brain, it is paramount that the brain remains healthy so that it continues to work at the most optimum level. What can you […]

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Weight Loss. A fan of The Biggest Loser? You hardly miss an episode on Hallmark channel; but without Jillian’s barking or Bob’s encouraging words, practically nothing gets you up from the couch to perform even the simplest workout. You’re pretty sure that you haven’t been on diet. But where have those kilograms gone to? Colon […]

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[Writer’s Note: This article is primarily for men, but women readers may also benefit from it – for the men in their lives.] You may assume having a tummy ache or chest pain or feeling tired easily for no valid reason as your body’s way of being funny; you sleep it off and hope that […]

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My first bellydance performance – office annual dinner in 2007 When I was younger, I was a fool who was in love with a man who never fully accepted me the way I was. A man who would bluntly make a remark about my flabby arms, about my huge thighs, and, well… even about my […]

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Sleeping Positions and What They Mean

Posted by jean on 13 May 09 - 11 Comments

Studies have shown that sleeping positions can give an insight to what a person’s personality might be. There are found to be six common sleeping positions and each characterizes a particular personality type or meaning. The Foetus position is the most common sleeping position adopted by 41% of sleepers. Those who sleep in this position […]

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A smile can have an enormous effect on your life and the lives of others. One research has discovered that when people are shown images of happy faces or sad faces, their facial muscles would move to mimic the same expressions. This process called Mimicry would also occur when they viewed video clips of different […]

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Aging of Human Organs

Posted by admin on 21 Jul 08 - 1 Comment

Getting older is an inevitable fact of life. Now leading clinicians have revealed the exact age when different body parts start to decline, the most alarming being the brain and lungs. BRAIN – Starts aging at 20 As we get older, the number of nerve cells – or neurons – in the brain decrease. We […]

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