Sitkari Pranayama

Posted by admin on 07 Feb 07

Sitkari is a form of pranayama which is practiced by breathing air through the front teeth, with the teeth either tightly closed or slightly opened and using the tongue tip to regulate the air pressure and sound.

sitkari pranayama

Lips should close at the end of the inhalation in preparation to hold a full pause with chin lock. Closing the lips will end the hissing sound “si” with a “sip”.

Exhaling usually takes place through both nostrils.

Sitkari breathing should be done in a controlled way so as to sound pleasing and create smoothness. This experience is described by some as “sipping air”. The sound that comes from sitkari is similar to a reverse hissing, somewhat like the sound you make when touching a very hot object suddenly.

It is good for cooling the mouth and relieving mouth ulcers, and may have both a cooling and relaxing effect on the entire body.

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