smileA smile can have an enormous effect on your life and the lives of others.

One research has discovered that when people are shown images of happy faces or sad faces, their facial muscles would move to mimic the same expressions. This process called Mimicry would also occur when they viewed video clips of different expressions. So the saying ‘when you smile others smile with you’ may hold some truth.

Not only are smiles infectious, but emotions are contagious too. It has been found that mimicking a facial expression causes a physical response in the body as if one is actually experiencing the emotion.

If you wrinkle your nose and narrow your eyes, your body will release some adrenaline and your heart will beat faster, as though you are angry. If you mimic a smile and squint your eyes, your body will release serotonin and dopamine, making you “feel good” and happy.

When you smile at someone, not only will they smile back but both of you will feel happier and it can improve your health!

Smiling is believed to have positive effects on the immune system, stress and blood pressure levels, particularly when the smile is a Duchenne smile.

Duchenne smiles, are considered genuine smiles as opposed to social smiles, and are characterized by both smiling eyes and mouth. Studies have shown that people who smiled genuine smiles were generally healthier, more positive and had higher self-confidence.

The best thing is, anyone can do it. So why not go out today and use that smile of yours to spread some well being and happiness :)

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