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Alright, it’s a little known secret that there is one ingredient in food that can help you to lose weight as you eat – its called “Water”.

Adults have to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day; more if you have an active exercise regimen.

An increase in water intake will not only help to suppress your appetite but also reduce fat deposits.

Your kidneys need water to filter drugs, waste products and other chemicals. So without water, your kidneys cannot do their job properly and your liver must help the kidneys to detoxify this junk built up in the bloodstream. This interferes with the liver’s job to metabolize fat and as a result, your body is more likely to store fat than burn it. By drinking enough water, the liver is able to efficiently turn fat into fuel.

But apart from drinking more water, experts have found that “Wet food” can help you lose weight.

This is because no matter what you eat, you take in roughly the same amount of food every day. So while the same amounts of any type of food will fill you, “wet food” will do it with fewer calories. The more water in the food, the less room there is for calories.

Now, wet food doesn’t mean going on a diet of fruits and vegetables, nor does it mean eating your favourite noodles with soup! It means eating the right food – those foods with high water content.

Examples of wet food versus dry food are such as:

Ham vs Bacon,
Pork Chop vs Hot Dogs,
Ice Cream vs Cheesecake,
Apple Pie vs Coffee Cake,
Tuna Fish Sandwich vs Chicken Sandwich, or
Potato Salad vs Potato Chips.

So the next time you eat, eat wet and you may lose some weight. In fact, you just might flush it away!

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