Reiko Soo Ee May

Posted by admin on 06 Aug 09

Reiko Soo trained under renowned yoga master, Master Manisekaran on various branches of yoga including self mastery, Kriya Yoga, Manipuraka practices and various Pranayama techniques. Through yoga, she was able to achieve both physical and mental well-being. Reiko has recently obtained the title Yoga Archarya (Master of Yoga) from the Malaysian Yoga society and is currently a member of MAYI (Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors).

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Name Reiko Soo
Began practising yoga 2003
Began teaching yoga in 2006
Occupation Interior designer, yoga instructor & pole fitness instructor
Benefits Weight loss, toned body, youthfulness & inner peace
Trained under Renowned Master Manisekaran of Malaysian Yoga society
Teaches Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Alignment Yoga & Power Yoga
Specialty Ashtanga Yoga and yoga breathing techniques (Pranayama)
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