My first bellydance performance – office annual dinner in 2007

When I was younger, I was a fool who was in love with a man who never fully accepted me the way I was. A man who would bluntly make a remark about my flabby arms, about my huge thighs, and, well… even about my “flat-screen tv”!

Despite the fact I was comfortable in my own skin, being in that destructive relationship was gradually taking its toll on me, and I eventually came to a point of being very critical on every inch of my body. I couldn’t stand seeing myself nude.


Doing the hip circles!

But a chance of watching one bellydancer’s performance changed everything. Her fluid movements, using every part of her body – doing snake arms, rib cage circles, chest slides, hip lifts and drops, body waves – were very mesmerizing. She was heavily endowed, but she couldn’t care less. The audience couldn’t care less, either! And I wondered, ‘How did she do that?’

Later on, I bought my first hip scarf and Rania Bossonis DVD series, and learnt from a couple of instructors, and there was no turning back since…

Do you stand in front of the mirror and think, ‘I hate the sight of those love handles!’ or, ‘Can someone help me with that bulging tummy?’ or, ‘I shouldn’t have eaten that last piece of cake!’


Credits to Ms. Nurul Huda, one of my bellydance instructors

If you do, then I would strongly suggest you sign up for your first bellydance class – if you haven’t, that is. This exotic Middle-Eastern dance brings out your femininity, making you feel exhilarated and sensual. You don’t need a man to tell you that you’re sexy or stunning; it would be mood-lifting to receive such a compliment, but if you don’t, you won’t feel you’re not worthy. You just do your thing, and you’ll realize that you’re simply beautiful – regardless of your body size, your age, your skin colour, or anything at all that keeps you inhibited. Such is the power of bellydance that a woman doesn’t have to be drop-dead gorgeous to idolize her inner and outer beauty.

I, among millions of other women in this world who have tried bellydancing, am the living testimony of that. I bid goodbye to my past inhibitions, and of course, to that good-for-nothing guy!

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We will take up belly dancing and perform them in public so that it will increase the chance that there will be increase in the arousal level of our local &immigrant men on our streets & our sister’s neighbourhoods.

August 21st, 2009 at 10:35 am

I think the point that Nadia was trying to make here is how bellydancing can help women be comfortable with their less-than-perfect bodies and realise that they’re beautiful no matter what body shape, size, race or religion, despite how men view them. I was never confident with the way I looked until I took up bellydancing. And this had nothing to do with arousing men by dancing in public places. In fact, many women only dance in women-only dance parties and events. In fact, it is not even necessary to wear a bra and skirt when bellydancing. I myself cover up my tummy and legs when I dance, by wearing beledi dresses or long tops. And dancers usually refuse to dance for men-only events.

It is because of the misguided notion that bellydance is for men’s arousal is why people like Nadia have to write such articles. If you refer to the first picture in that article, you can see a lovely Indian lady in the background watching enthusiastically. This is pictorial proof that bellydancing is not for men’s arousal only.

People who think so are misguided and un-educated about what bellydancing really is. If you learn from any legitimate bellydance instructor, they will tell you that bellydancing requires a lot of difficult technique and skill which every woman has to learn properly. There is a fine line between bellydance technique and sleazy dancing and often, people cannot see this difference between the two forms. The reason why they cannot see the difference is because they are not educated about it.

As long as there are still people who think that bellydancing is merely for seduction and sexual arousal, people like Nadia and I will continue to work to change this ugly misconception about bellydancing.

August 22nd, 2009 at 6:57 pm

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