[Writer’s Note: This article is primarily for men, but women readers may also benefit from it – for the men in their lives.]

You may assume having a tummy ache or chest pain or feeling tired easily for no valid reason as your body’s way of being funny; you sleep it off and hope that it will be gone the next day. But you might want to pay a little extra attention to these “little signals” your body is getting across, as they may mean a bigger message. I mean, real big… and it’s called CANCER.

In the first of two parts on this subject, I will list down three symptoms of cancer; indications that we normally do not consider as warning signs for such a severe disease. What are the “little signals” you should listen closely to?

Fatigue. You’re a cool guy. You don’t sweat the small stuff, but what if it’s the small stuff that makes you sweat? If you find yourself too exhausted to help your partner carry the plastic bags and you are sure you have not been working hard or getting less sleep prior to the grocery shopping, it is advisable to consult a doctor. Weariness is one of the symptoms that appear in several types of cancer, pancreatic cancer being one.

Frequent Fevers. You employ your utmost effort not to fall ill. You insist on having a balanced diet everyday; fruits for dessert are a must. You work out at home instead, when you can’t make it to the gym. But it’s only the first half of the year, and it’s already your fourth time calling in sick. You might want to have a check-up with your doctor, for there is a possibility of leukemia. Low antibody occurs when abnormal cells outnumber the normal ones.

Blood in Urine or Semen. Even though reported by some men as not painful when the blood flows together, the sight of it when you’re urinating or ejaculating should call for immediate attention. One of the signs prostate cancer patients have in common is the presence of blood in either one or both of these bodily fluids.

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