Weight Loss. A fan of The Biggest Loser? You hardly miss an episode on Hallmark channel; but without Jillian’s barking or Bob’s encouraging words, practically nothing gets you up from the couch to perform even the simplest workout. You’re pretty sure that you haven’t been on diet. But where have those kilograms gone to? Colon and other digestive cancers often make themselves present in the initial stage by gradually reducing one’s body weight.

Heartburn. You know the alarm bell is ringing if you’re constantly experiencing the burning sensation of the esophagus when: a) you don’t eat too much at a particular time, and; b) you don’t carry some burden on the tummy, typically from being pregnant or obese. A trip to the doctor to have a screening for the existence of tumor in the esophagus is highly commendable, as heartburn is one of the minor manifestations of esophageal cancer.

Erectile Dysfunction. As serious as the problem is, one should not be too quick to reckon the disability of getting and maintaining an erection as the immediate sign of cancer. Erection problems owe themselves to several factors; both physical and psychological. It’s important to identify what really causes the erectile dysfunction; if it’s not because you’re depressed or anxious or stressed over something, then it’s no excuse not to visit a doctor and have a test. The culprit might be prostate cancer.

These are just several small symptoms that you may deem insignificant, but listen closely to your body, and it might save your live. It pays to be a little attentive!

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