Camel Pose (Ustrasana)

Posted by huihsien on 18 Nov 09

If you are suffering from rounded shoulders and sunken chest, Ustrasana (Camel Pose) might be the answer to improving your ill-structured posture. The main anatomical points of focus in this pose are inward rotation of the thighs, lengthening of the spine through the tailbone, lifting of the pelvis and torso, opening of the shoulders and stretching of the neck.

The two common options of Ustrasana are performed either with the toes pointing back or with the toes turned under and heels elevated (for those who have a distinct discomfort in the lower back when coming into the pose).



A progression to this would be to drop your head all the way to the back and reaching your arms over your shoulders to grasp the toes or heels.

Some of us may experience dizziness and nausea following the Ustrasana. To avoid this, come out of the pose without any haste while maintaining a steady stream of breath.

The camel represents the capacity to face tough challenges with tenacity and compassion. The wisdom through this heart-opening pose can be applied during those demanding times in our lives. Although never associated with being a relaxing pose, the satisfying after-effect of the Ustrasana makes it worthwhile. Similarly, successfully overcoming a difficult situation only makes us stronger and sturdier.

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