Dr. Noorul Ameen

Posted by huihsien on 22 Nov 09

Dr. Noorul Ameen is no stranger to the yoga scene in Kuala Lumpur. Many would probably have already heard about or attended Dr Ameen’s class back in the days when Yoga Zone was a household name. Being extremely passionate about health and fitness, he pursued a medical degree in Naturopathy and Yoga with the ambition of spreading the message of yoga and natural health across the globe. Dr Ameen has had vast experience conducting numerous retreats, workshops and teacher training programs throughout India integrating the various alternative and complementary therapies such as Acupuncture, Nutrition, Physical Manipulative Techniques, Hydro, Colour and Magnet Therapies that he acquired throughout his studies.

Dr. Ameen learned yoga at the tender age of 14 and at that time already noticed how applying the concepts of yoga had helped him to achieve better results academically. A few months back an accident cost him a collar bone fracture, which doctors said would take at least three months to recover. But Dr. Ameen continued to regularly practise yoga right after surgery and was up and about teaching within a month. Not only has yoga allowed him to enjoy optimal strength and stamina but through yoga, Dr. Ameen also learned to accept people for what they are and see the true nature of life. It has helped him maintain a stable mind in times of crisis and experience a happy balance throughout the ups and downs in life.

Dr. Ameen’s ability to combine traditional yoga teachings with his knowledge in alternative medicine is what keeps his students coming back regularly. It is his goal to guide beginners in yoga and those suffering from health related issues to explore the remedial effects of yoga. Anyone who requires advice or wants to know more about the therapeutic benefits of yoga is welcome to write him directly at drameen@gmail.com

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Name Dr Noorul Ameen
Began practising yoga 1994
Began teaching yoga 1996
Occupation Yoga Instructor at Energy Yoga
Trained at Several spiritual masters all over India
She teaches Yoga
Specialty Yoga Therapy, Structural Yoga
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