Rajini Krishnan

Posted by huihsien on 07 Dec 09

Rajini embarked on yoga teaching to further enhance her knowledge in yoga and to fulfill her ambition in educationg people on health and fitness. Through experience, she realised that the most important skill a yoga instructor must have is to know the capabilities of each student and be able to tailor the class accordingly. Being mindful and sensitive towards the needs and limitations of each individual, Rajini is therefore able to cater her classes for students of different levels.

Personally, regular practice of yoga has resulted in a physically stronger and toned body for Rajini. She believes yoga not just stretches and tones the muscles but also increases stamina and promotes cardiovascular health. Just recently, she managed to conquer Mount Kinabalu and the only training she had was yoga practice 4 times a week and a slow walk around the park once a week. By encompassing the teachings of yoga, she has learned to appreciate and value life in each present moment and to respect everyone irrespective of race and religion. She has also evolved to be a calmer and compassionate individual who radiates love for all living beings.

A typical yoga class with Rajini includes asana (poses), pranayama (breathing) and meditation elements. She is looking into teaching kriya (cleansing techniques) like jala neti (nostril cleansing), vaman dhauti (stomach cleansing) and shanka praksalana (master cleansing) in the future. She can be reached at rajinidkrishnan@yahoo.com

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Name Rajini Devi Krishnan
Began practising yoga 2004
Began teaching yoga 2005
Occupation Yoga Instructor (Group and Private Classes in Damansara Heights, Puchong, Port Dickson, Subang Jaya)
Trained at Brahmachariya Vishwa Mandlik, Nashik Maharashtra, Bombay
Teaches Yoga
Specialty Hatha Flow, Ashtanga
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