Sun Gazing

Posted by huihsien on 05 Feb 10

The sun is nature’s greatest gift to us. Without the sun, live on earth could not exist and yet, many of us shy away from it. What if we were told that the sun, in its purest form will be able to provide us with all the nutrition needed and cure physical, emotional and mental diseases?

There is now certain group of people who practise and believe that by gazing directly at the sun during certain times of the day, we will be able to receive the energy to complement or replace solid food. This practice has been given various names such as Sun Gazing, Solar Gazing, Solar Healing and Solar Yoga.

Apparently the phenomenon is not something new and has been practised by our ancestors including the ancient Egyptians, Romans, Indian Yogis and native Americans. It is no wonder the sun has been an object of worship for different civilisations through the ages.

Born in 1937, Hira Ratan Manek (HRM) was a Mechanical Engineering graduate who worked in his family shipping and spice trading business in India. After retirement in 1992, he delved into this forgotten ancient practice that had captivated him since childhood. HRM has lived on water (with occasional tea, coffee and buttermilk) and the sun’s energy since 1995. He continues to travel the world giving talks and lectures on the practice of sun gazing in order to heal humanity of their ills.

According to HRM, the brain is like a super computer that nature has bestowed upon mankind. Unfortunately, the average human only uses 5-7% of the brain capacity. The rest lies dormant and is activated by harnessing energy from the sun which can only be reached via the eyes. Through trial an error, HRM has managed to come up with a technique that can be easily be adopted by anyone. Practitioners are advised to gaze at the sun once a day (anytime within an hour after sunrise or within an hour after sunset). Beginners start with 10 seconds the first day, gradually adding 10 seconds more each day up until they reach 44 minutes of continuous gazing (takes around 9 months). For step by step instructions, visit the official Solar Healing Center website.

Testimonials stating the benefits of sun gazing have been phenomenal. In the initial months, changes that have been reported are a more positive mindset, better sense of confidence, a balanced mind, sharper memory, improved sense of judgement and curing of mental depression. Later, physical ailments start to disappear. This includes anything from arthritis to bad eyesight.

Nature has blessed humans with a remarkable organ called the brain. To unleash its limitless powers, nature too has blessed us with an abundant source of energy called the sun. Doesn’t a free and costless way to a healthy and harmonious life warrant a trial run?

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