Yoga for Butt Legs and Tummy

Posted by admin on 16 Nov 10

Journey Within advises that it is starting Yoga for BLT (Butt, Legs & Tummy) this month. It will be held weekly on Thursday night at 8-9pm.

And we know how stubborn those areas can be when it comes to toning and firming. Yoga for BLT focuses on postures that will build up core strength (essential for good posture and relief of back pain), toning and strengthening your legs, your glutes, thus firming up your body and even tapping into your inner potential. Sweat, action, focus and breathing will be brought onto the mat, leaving you to a well-deserved and satisfying Savasana.

JourneyWithin’s studio is located in Kota Damansara (refer to our PJ yoga studio listings). Or for more info, contact 012-339 3810 or 012-672 8831.

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