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Benefits Firms the abdominal wall, upper arms, buttocks, upper and lower thighs Increases lower spine flexibility Improves flexibility of sciatic nerve Exercise kidneys and helping to flush out toxins Increases the size and elasticity of the rib cage and lungs Helps tennis elbow and frozen shoulder

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Yoga benefits Breast Cancer Patients

Posted by admin on 07 Nov 06 - 1 Comment

An article published in The Sun (a free newspaper in Malaysia) on 6 November was titled Yoga Way to Health and discussed the benefits of yoga to women who were undergoing breast cancer treatment. A study was conducted by the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center where researchers found that doing yoga is good […]

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Yoga Practice – From Worrier to Warrior

Posted by admin on 01 Oct 06 - 0 Comments

Is worry like a “monkey on your back,” or is it a monkey in the mind? Are you in a state of perpetual worry? Is all this worrying affecting your sleep patterns? Can Yoga help you to calm down? Below are some Yogic solutions for worrying. Many Yoga teachers talk about “living in the moment.” […]

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All athletes can benefit from the consistent practice of basic yoga postures. There is often a misconception among athletes the power and benefits of yoga as a conditioning tool. They may have been misled by watching certain types of yoga on TV or by participating in yoga classes where only mild stretching is involved, rather […]

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Why do Yoga Poses?

Posted by admin on 29 Sep 06 - 0 Comments

Yoga poses, postures or asanas (as they are known in sanskrit) promote health and wellbeing to all the systems of the body when practiced properly. Some of the benefits of yoga asanas include: Toning of muscles Making the spine and joints limber cleansing of glands and internal organs Increased flexibility and strengthOn the surface, yoga […]

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