Cheese strengthens Bones

See the uncanny similarity between the cheese and our bones? Cheese, a rich source of calcium, is vital for strong bones and reducing the risks of osteoporosis as we grow older. This is why we should ensure enough calcium intake during our childhood.

The Columbia University in New York found in a study that teens who ate an extra two slices of cheddar a day (800 – 1200mg/day) boosted their bone density by 6%.


Bean Sprouts produce healthy Sperm

Ready for baby pitter-patter round the house? Ask your man to eat more bean sprouts! Studies have shown that a male body needs a good supply of Vitamin C to make large quantities of sperm. Just half a cup of bean sprouts provides 16% the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C for a man!

Better yet, bean sprouts are packed with folate, a vitamin that prevents defects in babies.


Grapes for good Lungs

Spot the resemblance? Eating lots of fresh fruits, such as grapes, have been found to reduce the risk of lung cancer and emphysema, a lung disease. Grape seeds are also able to reduce the severity of asthma triggered by allergy.

Tomato protects the Heart

Akin to our heart, a tomato is also red and has four chambers. Tomatoes contain high levels of lycopene, a plant chemical that reduces the risk of heart disease and several cancers. The Women’s Health Study, an American research programme involving 40,000 women, found that women with high levels of lycopene in their blood had 30% less heart disease than women with lower levels of lycopene.

Studies have also shown that lycopene reduces unhealthy cholesterol in the body and prevented coronary heart disease.

Walnut boosts the Brain

An American study has found that walnut could prevent dementia and the Alzheimer’s disease. Research has also shown that the nut reversed signs of brain ageing in rats.


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Bizarre! Food To Improve Your Health

Posted by jean on 07 Aug 09 - 1 Comment

If it looks like it, it’ll save it! Did you know that not only do some of the food that we consume look a lot like our own body parts and organs, it’s great for their health too? Don’t believe me? Check out some of these bizarre similarities and how your body can benefit from them.

Broccoli to beat Cancer

A team of researchers from the US National Cancer Institute discovered that a weekly serving of broccoli could reduce prostate cancer risk by 45%!


Mushroom to improve Hearing

Eating mushrooms can help improve your hearing. Mushrooms contain Vitamin D, which is important for the growth of healthy bones, including those we have in our ears that transmit sounds to the brain.


Banana to overcome Depression

The yellow-coloured fruit may be just the thing to brighten up your day! It contains a protein which converts into serotonin upon digestion. Increased levels of serotonin, also known as a “happy feeling” chemical, has been linked to happier moods.


Ginger to heal the Stomach

Did you know that one of ginger’s biggest health benefits is to aid in digestion? It is a popular remedy for motion sickness and has been used for over 2,000 years by the Chinese to calm the stomach and to cure nausea. Also studies done on rats by the University of Minnesota found that ginger hindered the growth of bowel tumours.


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Ken Lim

Posted by jean on 07 Aug 09 - 3 Comments

Kenny Lim is more fondly and well-known as just ‘Ken’ to all his friends and students. Ken sets himself to explore new approaches and new combinations of movements to make Pilates more appealing to the general public. The culmination of his efforts was his signature ‘Chi-Pilates’, a fusion of elements, techniques and principles from the Eastern philosophies of Qi Gong, Tai Chi and the Western philosophies of Pilates, a trendy workout at a faster tempo and pace that is performed in heated rooms for much greater effect and results.

Although his sessions and classes are very challenging and superbly dynamic, at times ‘torturous’ and vigorous, pushing the participants to their utmost limits, he still keeps his classes light-hearted, jovial, very fun-loving and always lively. It is no wonder that his loyal and die-hard fans keep coming back for more and that his classes are always full!

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Lila Malaya Kasal

Posted by jean on 07 Aug 09 - 8 Comments

‘Lila’ Malaya Kasal, former art teacher and professional dancer, has 13 years of experience teaching a wide variety of differently abled students-blind, deaf and handicapped to elite athletes. She holds a B.A. from Colorado College and is certified in Pilates (both mat and reformer). Trained in the traditions of Kundalini, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga, Lila studied intensely at the Swami Satchidananda Ashram in the U.S. and the Integral Yoga Institute in India and specializes in Prenatal, Labor and Postnatal Yoga.

Lila has taken workshops from many American yoga icons such as John Friend, Baron Baptiste, Shiva Rea, Sharon Gannon, David Life, Dharma Mittra, Rodney Yee, Erich Shiffmann, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Gary Kraftsow and Paul Grilley. She continues to inspire students and fellow teachers to experience the joys of yoga.

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Azmi at Be Yoga

Posted by jean on 07 Aug 09 - 0 Comments

As one of the key teachers who used to teach at YogaZone, Azmi’s class has always been based on strength and stability, the two things he strongly promotes as foundations of a yoga practice.

After 11 years of practicing and teaching for 5, he has converged his expertise that he acquired from his gurus like Sri Patthabi Jois, Sharath Rangaswamy, Matthew Sweeney, Louisa Sears, Lance Schuler, John Scott, Judy Krupp and Simon Borg-Oliver, and brought it all together to the heart of his practice, which has taken him to the next level.

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Ninie Ahmad at Be Yoga

Posted by jean on 07 Aug 09 - 1 Comment

Ninie Ahmad is easily Malaysia’s celebrity yoga instructor. Her big personality, confidence and experience have landed her the title of Official Yoga Ambassador for adidas Malaysia since year 2006.

At only 27 years old, Ninie has been in the yoga industry in Malaysia for almost 10 years and has been teaching yoga in KL for more than 7 years. A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Engineering degree holder from Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) has published two yoga magazines under her belt in which, her self-published magazine ‘Hati Yoga’ (February 2006) was Malaysia’s very first yoga magazine.

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V. Nagarjuna Reddy at True Yoga Singapore

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Reddy is a certified yoga master from India who has taught yoga at True Yoga Singapore since 2004.

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Intan Suraya Hashim at Studio W

Posted by admin on 06 Aug 09 - 2 Comments

Intan started Jazzercise in 2005 as a hobby and to lose weight. She became more interested as she saw positive results from her workout. Different from most forms of exercise, she found that Jazzercise allowed her to lose inches off her whole body, balancing her over-all body shape. Since then, she has mastered the exercise and conducts classes as a full-time instructor at her own studio.

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Roslin Mohd Daud

Posted by admin on 06 Aug 09 - 2 Comments

Roslin was introduced to yoga in 2002 while recovering from her injuries sustained from various athletic events that she participated in previous years, mostly from running and climbing. Upon finding that her practice not only eased her injuries but also enhanced her performance in sports and at work, Roslin made yoga her regular form of exercise and training, both physically and mentally. Over the years she has signed up for formal classes, teacher training courses and regular workshops, and was certified to teach in 2005 by the Sri Aurobindo Yoga Centre and Yoga Zone. She taught at Yoga Zone for several years, and is currently teaching at Studio W, Impressive Fitness, private homes and her residence in Taman Danau Desa.

Roslin mostly teaches in the tradition of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga.

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Reiko Soo Ee May

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Reiko Soo trained under renowned yoga master, Master Manisekaran on various branches of yoga including self mastery, Kriya Yoga, Manipuraka practices and various Pranayama techniques. Through yoga, she was able to achieve both physical and mental well-being. Reiko has recently obtained the title Yoga Archarya (Master of Yoga) from the Malaysian Yoga society and is currently a member of MAYI (Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors).

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