Learn to teach, and teach to learn. Train to be a yoga instructor under experienced master teachers from India. Inner Yoga at Menara Summit, Subang Jaya will be holding an International Yoga Instructor Course certified by the Atmayaan Yoga Academy, India.

Venue: Inner Yoga, Level 10, Menara Summit, Subang Jaya

Date: Oct – Dec 09 (3 months course)

Contact: 8023 1870


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tribal-belly-danceThis self-empowering dance is brought to you in a series of classes and levels. Yoga Dance instructor Nanci Traynor wishes to inspire students to dance for the rest of their lives. Students can learn basic movements at a slower pace so the knowledge attained can be absorbed.

Available Dates: 22-Nov-09, 6-Dec-09, 17-Jan-10, 21-Feb-10, 28-Mar-10
Contact: Annie Ong 012-489 5395

Click here fore Schedule/Details

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How to Keep Your Brain Alive

Posted by rima on 14 Sep 09 - 0 Comments


With up to 1 trillion nerve cells, the human brain is responsible to perform a plethora of functions to coordinate physical action with mental processes. Given the complexity and importance of the brain, it is paramount that the brain remains healthy so that it continues to work at the most optimum level. What can you do to keep your brain sharp? Here are some of the things that you can do to maximise your brain power.


Have your breakfast
Eating breakfast provides you with energy to start your day right. With sufficient energy supplied to the brain, you are more alert and able to focus your attention to tasks planned. Skipping breakfast does the exact opposite due to depletion of energy supply. Without adequate energy supply, your brain’s cognitive function is not able to work at its absolute best.

Stop eating when full
When you overeat, more energy is required to metabolize the food ingested resulting in fatigue of both the mind and the body. One of the ways to avoid overeating is to steer clear of buffet promotion. This not only benefits your wallet but your brain/body will thank you for it.


Avoid smoking like the plague
Despite expansive knowledge about the harmful effects of smoking, people still puff on the hazardous mix of chemicals on the street, in restaurants or even while driving. This is very unfortunate because the addictive cigarettes damage cells in your brain. In fact, smoking is reported to double the risk of a serious brain disorder such as Alzheimer ’s.

Less sugar please
Overconsumption of sugary food raises blood sugar level which can affect absorption of other nutrients essential for brain development. Cognitive impairment caused by damage to brain nerve cells may result due to high level of sugar in the blood. So go easy on sugar in your drinks as well as your food. Less is really more when sugar is concerned.

Air pollution
Staying in a city like KL, it is inevitable that we experience some level of air pollution. Polluted air contains various other gases such as nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide. Every time we inhale, we breathe in not only oxygen but also the small particles and gases that pollute the air. Studies indicate that excessively polluted air alter brain function and cause cell injuries.


Get adequate sleep
Memory consolidation of events that happen during the day takes place when we sleep. So does learning enhancement. Studies have shown that having adequate shut-eye can boost brain alertness and power while the lack of a good night’s sleep can negatively impact mental performance.

Taking it easy when sick
The next time you’re feeling a little under the weather, take time off to really let your body heal and recover from your illness. Overstressing your brain when your body is healing itself may do your brain more damage than good. So get some rest and let nature take its course. The body has an amazing way of healing itself if you let it. Listen to your body. That work can wait.


Use it or lose it
Just like the rest of your body, brain exercise keeps it at its most optimum level. Puzzles, brain teasers or even a chat flex your brain muscle. So the next time you’re at a party or simply chilling with friends, strike up an intellectual conversation. Take up a new hobby or learn a new language. You will not only keep your brain in top shape, but also have fun while doing it.

Now that you know how to take care of one of the most important human organs, it is time to change that bad habit and start taking good care of yourself. Go on, live well….

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Weight Loss. A fan of The Biggest Loser? You hardly miss an episode on Hallmark channel; but without Jillian’s barking or Bob’s encouraging words, practically nothing gets you up from the couch to perform even the simplest workout. You’re pretty sure that you haven’t been on diet. But where have those kilograms gone to? Colon and other digestive cancers often make themselves present in the initial stage by gradually reducing one’s body weight.

Heartburn. You know the alarm bell is ringing if you’re constantly experiencing the burning sensation of the esophagus when: a) you don’t eat too much at a particular time, and; b) you don’t carry some burden on the tummy, typically from being pregnant or obese. A trip to the doctor to have a screening for the existence of tumor in the esophagus is highly commendable, as heartburn is one of the minor manifestations of esophageal cancer.

Erectile Dysfunction. As serious as the problem is, one should not be too quick to reckon the disability of getting and maintaining an erection as the immediate sign of cancer. Erection problems owe themselves to several factors; both physical and psychological. It’s important to identify what really causes the erectile dysfunction; if it’s not because you’re depressed or anxious or stressed over something, then it’s no excuse not to visit a doctor and have a test. The culprit might be prostate cancer.

These are just several small symptoms that you may deem insignificant, but listen closely to your body, and it might save your live. It pays to be a little attentive!

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Egg Yolks and Cholesterol

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Egg whites are laden with protein. This has long been the notion held by many fitness enthusiasts. What do you do with the cholesterol rich egg yolk then? I throw them away. At least this is what I have been doing until I heard the latest health buzz which claims that the yolk contains multitude of nutrients and vitamins. For those who have been guilty of wasting egg yolks like yours truly, the rest of the article may provide a different perspective as to how egg yolks can play a part in our diet.

New findings indicate that the cholesterol in eggs can actually help to balance body cholesterol level. How does this work you may wonder. Our body regulates cholesterol level like it does body temperature and blood pressure. As such, when cholesterol level dips the body produces more cholesterol to compensate for the lack of it. Consuming whole eggs not only prevents the body from producing cholesterol but it is also reported to help elevate good cholesterol level in the body.

If that is not enough to convince you to eat whole eggs, you may be persuaded by results of a recent study which indicate people who eat eggs for breakfast tend to lose weight more easily and maintain healthy body weight compared to those who regularly eat cereals for breakfast. The nutritional value of whole eggs is said to be the main factor in this study.

Now before you go out and buy some eggs, it is worthwhile to note that not all eggs are made equal. Pastured eggs may be a healthier option than that sourced from your local hypermarket. A simple test performed on an egg bought from the grocery store and pastured egg reveals that the colour of egg yolk in the latter is noticeably darker. The rich, almost orange colour seen in the pastured egg suggests a higher content of carotenoids and nutrients.

No doubt, there is a host of reasons to start eating whole eggs. Whatever your reason may be, do consume eggs in moderation just like everything else. By following a sensible and balanced diet you are well on your way to good health.

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[Writer’s Note: This article is primarily for men, but women readers may also benefit from it – for the men in their lives.]

You may assume having a tummy ache or chest pain or feeling tired easily for no valid reason as your body’s way of being funny; you sleep it off and hope that it will be gone the next day. But you might want to pay a little extra attention to these “little signals” your body is getting across, as they may mean a bigger message. I mean, real big… and it’s called CANCER.

Read more »

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Oriental TCM Yoga Centre in Puchong offers a unique form of yoga – a combination of Ashtanga yoga and the art of acupressure. From her youthful appearance, one would not expect that Jenny Pang, the owner and master instructor of the comfortable yoga centre, has more than a decade of in-depth knowledge of both yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Recently we were fortunate to have a chat with the friendly and talented Jenny at her studio, where she shared with us her how she came to create her own unique form of yoga, its health benefits and her future plans for her yoga centre.

How did you get involved in TCM?

Jenny: My family runs the Nanjing Chinese Medical Centre and the Oriental Academy of Chinese Medicine. The principal of the medical centre and the institute is my father, Prof K.M. Pang. So it was only natural that I would also learn and be trained in TCM.




Jenny demonstrating how to activate pressure points while performing yoga

How did you come up with this unique form of yoga combined with TCM techniques?

Jenny: In the course of my TCM training, I was sent to various parts of China to learn from institutes and hospitals. Yoga is highly recommended as an exercise to complement TCM to promote healing and cure certain illnesses.

The hospitals referred me to some of their well-known yoga centres and I started learning from them. After feeling the benefits of yoga, I developed a passion for it. As I saw more patients, I wanted to help more people regain their health and that’s when I decided to start sharing yoga with the community.

Over time, I developed a form of yoga that incorporates acupressure techniques into the poses. In TCM, we learn that there are pressure points all over our body that can be activated to enhance our health. For example, pressing a point in the centre of our ankle joint can reduce eye bags and water retention. Or applying pressure at a point between the big toe and the second toe could cool down a hot temper.

So I thought, why not apply acupressure as we are performing yoga so that we could reap twice the benefits?


Interactive sessions for students to help one another as well as to encourage bonding

What is the style of yoga you created and what are their benefits?

Jenny: The two types of TCM yoga are Meridian Dance and Spinal Core Yoga. Meridian Dance is more acupressure intensive. It starts off with 35 minutes of acupressure exercises, followed by a little yoga and then finishes with 10 minutes of meditation. The acupressure exercises will help stimulate different parts of the body and various organs to promote blood circulation, detoxification and healing.

Spinal Core Yoga is a set of yoga poses that mainly stretches the spine and back muscles. This yoga is popular among working executives who suffer from back and shoulder aches due to spending too many hours of working on a computer. It is also highly recommended for young students and children as it can help them align their spine, which may become lopsided due to carrying heavy school bags daily.


oriental-tcm-yoga-centre-downward dog

Spinal Core focuses on poses that stretch the spine and back muscles

What other classes do you offer?

Jenny: Other classes offered are Belly Dancing, Yoga Pilates, Ashtanga Yoga and Prenatal Yoga. Ashtanga Yoga would be a much faster-paced and intense form of yoga, where one pose flows to the next quickly.

For prenatal yoga, we teach specific exercises that are good for soon-to-be mothers, such as exercises to induce production of breast milk, and poses to strengthen the womb and hips.


Bellydancing classes are also available at Oriental TCM Yoga centre

Do you offer training of TCM yoga to students?

Jenny: I do have several students under me who have shown the interest to become instructors. We are currently trying to organize training in China for them.

In your opinion, what makes a good and successful yoga instructor?

Jenny: A good teacher must have self-discipline and self-practise. And one must always be concerned about the students. We should always pay attention to their expressions to see if they are able to follow the class.

We must also be aware of the health problems of the students so that we know when to push and when not to push a student to his/her limit.

For example, I have an advanced student who had surgery not too long ago. She is now starting again with basic yoga to strengthen her body. Because I know her condition, I pay closer attention to her and I don’t push her too much.

Six months ago, I had another student with chronic skin problems who was shy and reserved in class at first. But I pushed her to perform the poses so that it would help detoxify her body. Now her complexion has cleared up and her skin has gotten much smoother.


Students that lack flexibility or have back problems are monitored and advised to use props such as a towel as shown above

What are your future plans for your yoga centre?

Jenny: I hope to expand and spread the teachings of yoga which I have learned. Apart from conducting classes, I am also focusing on developing more yoga instructors in my centre. Hopefully, when I have more independent instructors in the future, I will be able to take some time off to further my training in other countries. If things go well, I also hope to open more yoga centres in KL.


Jenny is certified by Om Karananda Patanjali Yoga Kendra Rishikesh, India and Light On Yoga Training Centre Beijing, China. The details of her yoga centre are as follows:

Oriental TCM Yoga Center
No L-03-05, Jalan PPK1, Sec 3, Jalan Puchong, Taman Kinrarra
Website: http://www.ortcm.com.my
Tel: Puchong 8076 8642 / Cheras 9133 1642 / Ampang 4296 9728 / Kajang 9076 3376

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My first bellydance performance – office annual dinner in 2007

When I was younger, I was a fool who was in love with a man who never fully accepted me the way I was. A man who would bluntly make a remark about my flabby arms, about my huge thighs, and, well… even about my “flat-screen tv”!

Despite the fact I was comfortable in my own skin, being in that destructive relationship was gradually taking its toll on me, and I eventually came to a point of being very critical on every inch of my body. I couldn’t stand seeing myself nude.


Doing the hip circles!

But a chance of watching one bellydancer’s performance changed everything. Her fluid movements, using every part of her body – doing snake arms, rib cage circles, chest slides, hip lifts and drops, body waves – were very mesmerizing. She was heavily endowed, but she couldn’t care less. The audience couldn’t care less, either! And I wondered, ‘How did she do that?’

Later on, I bought my first hip scarf and Rania Bossonis DVD series, and learnt from a couple of instructors, and there was no turning back since…

Do you stand in front of the mirror and think, ‘I hate the sight of those love handles!’ or, ‘Can someone help me with that bulging tummy?’ or, ‘I shouldn’t have eaten that last piece of cake!’


Credits to Ms. Nurul Huda, one of my bellydance instructors

If you do, then I would strongly suggest you sign up for your first bellydance class – if you haven’t, that is. This exotic Middle-Eastern dance brings out your femininity, making you feel exhilarated and sensual. You don’t need a man to tell you that you’re sexy or stunning; it would be mood-lifting to receive such a compliment, but if you don’t, you won’t feel you’re not worthy. You just do your thing, and you’ll realize that you’re simply beautiful – regardless of your body size, your age, your skin colour, or anything at all that keeps you inhibited. Such is the power of bellydance that a woman doesn’t have to be drop-dead gorgeous to idolize her inner and outer beauty.

I, among millions of other women in this world who have tried bellydancing, am the living testimony of that. I bid goodbye to my past inhibitions, and of course, to that good-for-nothing guy!

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Yoga on a Paddle Board!

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Ever tried doing yoga on a surf board? I bet you haven’t! Not that we can do it in Malaysia… or maybe perhaps we can in Langkawi or somewhere.

Anyway check out this video to inspire you a bit…

Make sure there are no sharks around when you try this OK!

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Free passes worth RM40 at the very upmarket and trendy Energy Yoga and Pilates spa and boutique centre to be given away!! All you have to do to get your hands on a free pass is Read more »

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