Shobie Malani

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Shobie studied under the guidance of Master Mani Sekaran of the Malaysian Yoga Society and is a recognised and certified Kids Yoga Instructor. Having an encouraging father who has been actively practising Yoga for more than 50 years also added an inspirational boost in Shobie’s Yoga journey. Her love for bringing out the creativity in children, together with her previous experience as a teacher are what makes her a sought after Kids Yoga Instructor.

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Rajini Krishnan

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Rajini embarked on yoga teaching to further enhance her knowledge in yoga and to fulfill her ambition in educationg people on health and fitness. Through experience, she realised that the most important skill a yoga instructor must have is to know the capabilities of each student and be able to tailor the class accordingly. Being mindful and sensitive towards the needs and limitations of each individual, Rajini is therefore able to cater her classes for students of different levels.

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Purple Yogis in Bangsar

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Inconspicuously tucked away in a corner lot at Lucky Garden, Bangsar is an unexpected little find bearing a name that immediately screams fun and creativity with a hint of difference. How can anyone forget an intriguing name such as ‘Purple Yogis’. That was the reason KL Yoga decided to find out about what this curious establishment was all about.

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Free Yoga Classes for Cancer Patients

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Inner Yoga (located in Summitt USJ) will be conducting free yoga classes for cancer patients in Malaysia.

The classes are designed with gentle and therapeutic movements specially for cancer survivors. By doing this, the yoga centre hopes to helps cancer patients find inner balance, peace, strength and beauty.
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This workshop and skill share explores the classical Greek elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water and their interaction. The combination and interaction of the classical elements provides a context for character interaction, and will be explored to develop unconventional characters and roles in performing arts.

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Manoj Kaimal

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Manoj Kaimal has practically lived and breathed yoga his entire life. Born in Kerala and raised in a family with deep roots in the yoga tradition, he was exposed to yoga at a very young age and personally coached by his grandfather, Mr. Shri Sridhara Shankara Kaimal. At 15, Manoj undertook a teachers training program at the world-renowned Sivananda Ashram and continued to seek further understanding of yoga through studies of other various aspects. His burning passion took him across India to explore teachings of revered masters like B.K.S Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois.

The approach that Manoj adopts in the classes integrates the principles of distinct yoga styles from his vast experience, with the authentic hatha form traditionally taught in India. His classes are popular among those seeking more than a physical workout as he also imparts the wisdom of yoga philosophy in accordance to the ancient Indian scriptures. Manoj believes that the body, breath and awareness are tools to realise one’s infinite inner potential. He aspires to guide his students to achieve this by instilling in them, the essence of yoga in its purest form.

Manoj is not only a successfully yoga teacher and studio owner but also has two books (‘Celebration of Asanas’ and ‘Making Patanjali Palatable’) published under his name. In the bid to promote the therapeutic benefits of yoga, he regularly gives talks at various health events. He also conducts teacher training courses and runs yoga workshops relating to body anatomy and ancient scriptures.

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Dominika Florek

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Dominika Florek, or better known simply as Nika is a petite Polish twenty something year old who initially came to Malaysia on an internship program, loved the country and now calls it home. The chirpy, fun-loving and approachable persona she exudes, instantly makes everyone around her feel comfortable, just the right blend of qualities we seek in a yoga teacher.

Nika started seriously practising yoga in Celebrity Fitness but a year later, her burning passion and curiosity for it landed her at a renowned yoga university in India where she uncovered the secrets beyond just the physical form of yoga. She was further inspired by observing how the yogis lived their lives – a life encompassing discipline, wisdom and serenity. This revelation fuelled her quest for a mission to spread the knowledge of how anyone can practise yoga to lose weight, stay healthy and enjoy a happier, more meaningful life.

Nika is currently teaching group classes in several locations around Kuala Lumpur and also offers private classes for the convenience of those who are house-bound. She has also just launched in March 2010 her own online Slimming Yoga Program. Check it out here:

Learn more about Nika at

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Healing Properties of Bananas

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healing-properties-of-bananasBanana cakes, banana pudding, banana pie and banana split. Goodie Goodie Yum Yum! There are so many ways by which bananas can be consumed. The natural sweetness of the fruit and the convenience of eating it when on-the-go put bananas at the top of my list of favourite fruits to eat. The ubiquitous tropical fruit is not only cheap, but they are also packed with an array of nutrients that can help to promote emotional well being, improve physical health and address illnesses as well as act as natural remedy to common health problems. Some of the many benefits bananas offer are listed below.

Uplifting your spirit

Tryptophan which is believed to relieve depression and lift your spirits can be found in bananas. This protein plays a role in producing mood regulating chemical known as serotonin that induces a sense of calm and acts as a mild sedative. Since our body does not produce Tryptophan, it is imperative that we ensure our diet consists of food that contains the chemical. Banana is a prime example of food which can be consumed so we get adequate dose of Tryptophan.

Maintaining healthy eyes

Findings reported in a monthly professional medical journal published by the American Medical Association i.e. the Archives of Ophthalmology indicate that 3 servings of fruit per day can prevent loss of vision. Bananas which contain Vitamin A are good example of fruit that can help to maintain healthy eyes. Vitamin A deficiency may increase the risk of cataracts and in some cases blindness. As such to continue seeing the beauty that the world offers, sufficient intake of Vitamin A is paramount. Bananas can provide you with just that.

Keeping your kidney and bones healthy

Another benefit that bananas provide is potassium. Rich in Potassium, bananas benefit the kidneys as it minimizes loss of calcium from the body by suppressing calcium excretion in the urine based on an article published by University of Maryland Medical Centre on their website. By making sure calcium loss is kept to a minimum, the body is able to retain and maintain adequate calcium level thereby reducing the risk of osteoporosis.


Reducing the risk of blood pressure and stroke

High potassium and low sodium content in banana make them naturally ideal as supplement for high blood pressure sufferers. Additionally, bananas may also help to combat stroke as found in a study featured in the New England Journal of Medicine. It is reported that bananas can reduce death incidence caused by stroke by 40% when consumed as part of regular diet

Promoting Bowel Health

Most people have experienced at some point in their lives disruption in bowel activities either due to unbalanced diet or illness. To restore and maintain regular bowel movement, fibre is highly important component in the foods that we consume. Yet another benefit bananas offer, the natural fibre in bananas can help promote bowel health.

Addressing Anaemia

Anaemia which is a condition that is cause by iron deficiency can be addressed by eating bananas which are rich in iron. Sufficient intake of iron promotes blot clotting following an injury so as to minimize blood loss. For people suffering from a deficiency in iron, bananas help to give your body the iron that it needs. As a result, they help promote haemoglobin production so your blood can clot faster in case of a cut or serious injury. Bananas are good source of iron which is essential to address anaemia.

Quitting smoking?

If you are quitting smoking, it is worth to note that bananas can be your great ally when dealing with the physical and psychological effects of nicotine withdrawal. The yellow skinned fruits are loaded with B vitamins and other minerals which provide some relief from nicotine withdrawal.

Soothing Ulcers

Bananas contain antacid properties which are beneficial in treating intestinal disorders like ulcers. By forming a protective layer on stomach lining, bananas help to neutralize acid secreted by our digestive system so as to provide relief from painful ulcers.

Healing Mosquito Bites

If you think banana skin is useless think again. An old remedy to ease itching and swelling caused by mosquito bites, banana skin are said to soothe these symptoms. Living in a tropical country like Malaysia, you are bound to get mosquito bites at some point in your lives. So before you make your way to the drug store to buy some medicated cream, try rubbing the inside of banana skin on the affected area. It wouldn’t hurt to try.


Great news for all expectant mothers. The potassium in bananas can help to combat fatigue caused by pregnancy. So to all mothers-to-be, go ahead and snack on some. Not only will you alleviate morning sickness but it also keeps blood glucose level up so you feel better throughout your pregnancy.

Going bananas may be a good thing when the fruit is concerned. Eating bananas as part of a balanced diet ensures that your body gets what it needs so you are armed with a healthy body and mind to face life’s little challenges. Live and let live.

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Unlocking the Secret to Mula Bandha

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“Inhale deeply, lift your Mula Bandha and jump through,” says J, my Ashtanga yoga instructor. “The internal lift will bring lightness to your entire body and ease your manoeuvres,” she continues.

As with many practitioners out there, I vaguely ‘know’ about the Mula Bandha or ‘Root Lock’ but have not been diligent in its practice. The most common reason for this fear is the preconception of its difficulty. The rare occasion when I remember to practice this pelvic floor exercise usually only triggers waves of frustration attributed to the nature of its subtleness.

There are many ways of practising Mula Bandha but it is generally described as a subtle lifting of the perineum center towards the abdomen, which is accomplished by contracting the pelvic floor muscles. The perineum in both genders refers to the diamond-shaped region between the anus and the genitals. In the beginning, the anal region will tend to be contracted as well but eventually with frequent practice, this area should be relaxed, isolating the contraction to only the central perineum. The Mula Bandha can be engaged with inhalation, and held as long as possible without any restriction to the flow of breath. Another way is by rhythmatically engaging the Mula Bandha with each inhalation and releasing the Mula Bandha with each exhalation.

What is the point of this frustrating exercise which yields no obvious benefit to the physique? In reality, being competent in the practice of Moola Bandha brings more advantages to your asana routine than ever imagined. When the perineal floor is lifted, the core muscles of the abdominals are also lifted and this results in an internal elevation which enables a normally energy-zapping position to be held longer without strain. The core-strengthening effect of the Mula Bandha also makes practice safer as it protects the lower back muscles and increases the body’s range of movements. A strong Mula Bandha builds greater core stability, which in turn leads to more efficient use of energy as the body learns how to engage muscles in a discriminative manner. Regular practice improves concentration, uplifts the emotions and develops mental clarity. Also nice to know is that according to the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, the Mula Bandha promotes youthfulness.

It is therefore of great importance to understand the essence behind this sacred move as only then will it spark genuine interest and pave the way towards obtaining the true benefits of the Mula Bandha.

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Dr. Noorul Ameen

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Dr. Noorul Ameen is no stranger to the yoga scene in Kuala Lumpur. Many would probably have already heard about or attended Dr Ameen’s class back in the days when Yoga Zone was a household name. Being extremely passionate about health and fitness, he pursued a medical degree in Naturopathy and Yoga with the ambition of spreading the message of yoga and natural health across the globe. Dr Ameen has had vast experience conducting numerous retreats, workshops and teacher training programs throughout India integrating the various alternative and complementary therapies such as Acupuncture, Nutrition, Physical Manipulative Techniques, Hydro, Colour and Magnet Therapies that he acquired throughout his studies.

Dr. Ameen learned yoga at the tender age of 14 and at that time already noticed how applying the concepts of yoga had helped him to achieve better results academically. A few months back an accident cost him a collar bone fracture, which doctors said would take at least three months to recover. But Dr. Ameen continued to regularly practise yoga right after surgery and was up and about teaching within a month. Not only has yoga allowed him to enjoy optimal strength and stamina but through yoga, Dr. Ameen also learned to accept people for what they are and see the true nature of life. It has helped him maintain a stable mind in times of crisis and experience a happy balance throughout the ups and downs in life.

Dr. Ameen’s ability to combine traditional yoga teachings with his knowledge in alternative medicine is what keeps his students coming back regularly. It is his goal to guide beginners in yoga and those suffering from health related issues to explore the remedial effects of yoga. Anyone who requires advice or wants to know more about the therapeutic benefits of yoga is welcome to write him directly at Read more »

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