Sleeping Positions and What They Mean

Posted by jean on 13 May 09 - 11 Comments

Studies have shown that sleeping positions can give an insight to what a person’s personality might be. There are found to be six common sleeping positions and each characterizes a particular personality type or meaning.


The Foetus position is the most common sleeping position adopted by 41% of sleepers. Those who sleep in this position appear tough but are really sensitive at heart. They may be cautious at first meeting but will soon warm up.
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Tribal Style Belly Dance

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Tribal Style Belly Dance is based on traditional dance from India, North Africa and Eastern Europe. Its origins can be traced back to the 1960s in San Francisco. The dance seeks to express unity, feminine strength and build a sense of belonging. Its unique form uses dancers from all over the world. The dancers converge as one entity on the dance floor with strangers whom they have never met. Tribal Style Belly Dance unites all the dancers.
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It had been quite a while since I last attended yoga class. And so I looked forward to the Flow Yoga class at Studio W in Kota Damansara with mixed feelings. While I was eager to stretch out all the kinks in my shoulders and back, I was a little worried I would be bedridden the next day with body aches.

Thankfully, the class started gradually with stretches and simple movements to warm up the body before Roslin, the instructor, led us to more advanced poses. We went through a series of postures – the downward dog, the cobra, the crow, the camel and the cat pose. Yes, you will probably know that quite a number of asanas (poses) are named after animals.
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smileA smile can have an enormous effect on your life and the lives of others.

One research has discovered that when people are shown images of happy faces or sad faces, their facial muscles would move to mimic the same expressions. This process called Mimicry would also occur when they viewed video clips of different expressions. So the saying ‘when you smile others smile with you’ may hold some truth.

Not only are smiles infectious, but emotions are contagious too. It has been found that mimicking a facial expression causes a physical response in the body as if one is actually experiencing the emotion.

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The Science of Yoga with Gilbert Ng

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Well-known international yoga trainer, former chief instructor of Yoga Zone and the first Malaysian to produce his own instructional Yoga DVD (Living in Energy), Gilbert Ng sits down for an exclusive interview with KL Yoga on his experiences and on starting his own studio, Ojasyoga.

Q: How did you first get interested in yoga?
Gilbert: When I was 23 years old, I had quite a serious osteoporosis problem. I was suffering from joint aches and at one point, the pain got so bad I couldn’t even work.

After taking up yoga, my joint pains slowly disappeared in about 5 to 6 months. Ever since then, I developed a passion for yoga and have not stopped practising until today.

Q: Why did you decide to become a yoga instructor and how has your career progressed over the years?
Gilbert: After I was cured, I became highly interested in yoga. Back then, I was working as a hair-dresser cum make-up artist and my work involved lots of traveling to different countries.
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Perfect Yoga along with Atmayann Wellness, India will conduct a new batch of International yoga instructor course on the following dates:
Module 1: 2-May to 26-May 2009
Module 2: 6-Jun to 30-Jun 2009

Course Overview:
– Total of 210 hours training course spread over 4 months
– 70 hours with the master teacher
– Next 2 months for self practice and distance learning

Course Directors:
Designed by qualified master teachers from Atmayaan, India.
– Pradeep Gowda, BE, MSc, Applied Yogic sciences, Master Facilitator: Yoga, Ayurveda leadership retreats
– Christopher Schafer, BBA, MA, Yoga philosophy, RYT-500 (Yoga Alliance), TT1/TT2-Australia, Facilitator for yoga and leadership retreats

Perfect Yoga, Puchong Malaysia
Early bird registrations discounts up to 15%

For more information, visit

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Bali Spirit Festival 2009

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Calling out to all Malaysian yogis, the international annual celebration of yoga, dance and music is here again! This year’s Bali Spirit Festival will be held from 28th April to 3 May 2009 in the stunning grounds of Purnati Centre for the Arts located in Ubud, Bali.

Bringing together yogis, enthusiasts and talents from all over the world to celebrate and honour the art of yoga, music and dance; the festival also provides a global platform for exchange of spiritual learning and creativity.
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Free Yoga Classes At Studio W

Posted by jean on 07 Apr 09 - 3 Comments

studiowAttention all Ladies! Studio W is giving free yoga classes this whole week up until Sat 11 April 2009. The studio is located at Kota Damansara and is the first all-women fitness studio. Isn’t it great when you can get all sweaty and crazy without feeling self-conscious about the way you look? And what better time to check out if this is the right studio for you then to try out some of their free classes?

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Close To Home At Jasmin Yoga

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“Sure! We can have a nice chat over a warm cup of coffee. After that, if it’s too late, I can give you a ride home since you live nearby,” was Jasmin’s reply to my request for a late evening interview at her studio. And it is this friendly and homely culture at Jasmin Yoga that keeps her students coming back for her yoga classes.
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Yoga Mats from China

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Anyang Qunxiu Plastics manufactures yoga mats and anti-slip mats in China. Yoga mats from Anyang’s factory come with SGS and PAHS certification. They have anti-slip and sponge features and are widely used in yoga centres, gym and even as carpet in children’s room and anti-slip mat under the carpet. The mats can also be used as protective surfaces in household and motor vehicles. Visit
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